Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml

प्रिस्क्रिप्शन आवश्यक
सॅट कॉम्पोजिशन
Store at room temperature (10-30°C)


Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml is used to prevent the symptoms of asthma (wheezing and shortness of breath). It is a steroid and is known as a "preventer". You need to have a fast-acting “reliever” as well because this medicine will not stop an asthma attack that has already started.

Your doctor will tell you how often you need to use Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml. It is important that you take the lowest dose needed to effectively control your asthma. The effect of this medicine may be noticeable after a few days but will only reach its maximum after a few weeks. This medicine must be used regularly to be effective, so go on taking it even if you do not have any symptoms. No symptoms mean that the medicine is doing its job. If you stop taking it your asthma may get worse. It should not be used to relieve sudden asthma attacks. If an asthma attack occurs, use your quick-relief inhaler "reliever". To get the benefit from this medicine you need to make sure you get your inhaler technique right, otherwise, it will not work as well.

The most common side effects are irritation in the throat, difficulty swallowing, and fungal infections in the mouth or throat. If you get these, do not stop taking it but do talk to your doctor. You can help prevent these symptoms by rinsing your mouth and throat with water or brushing your teeth after using your inhaler. There are other rare, side effects that can be serious. Talk to your doctor if you are worried about them. In general, you should be trying to avoid situations that make your asthma worse (your triggers) and try not to smoke.

Before taking Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml, you should tell your doctor if you have tuberculosis, any infections in your mouth or lungs, or liver disease. While taking it you may be more at risk of getting infections so stay away from people with colds and flu. If you use Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml for a long time it may cause weak bones (osteoporosis) and damage to your eyes (glaucoma or cataracts). You might need tests for bone density and eye pressure. Ask your doctor whether it’s safe to take this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Budecort Respules चे वापर (Uses of Budecort Respules in Marathi)

  • आतड्याच्या सुजेने होणारा अल्सर

Budecort Respules चे दुष्परिणाम (Side effects of Budecort Respules in Marathi)

Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common side effects of Budecort

  • आवाज घोगरा होणे
  • घसा दुखणे
  • मौखिक संसर्ग

Budecort Respules कसे वापरावे (How to use Budecort Respules in Marathi)

हे औषध आपल्या डॉक्टरांना सांगितलेल्या मात्रेत आणि कालावधीसाठी वापरा. वापर करण्यापूर्वी सूचनांकरिता लेबल पाहावे. रेसप्युल/ट्रान्सप्युलचा वरचा भाग पिरगळून काढून टाका आणि सर्व लिक्वीड नेब्युलायजरमध्ये पिळून काढा. उघडल्यानंतर लगेचच याचा वापर केला पाहिजे.

Budecort Respules कसे काम करते (How Budecort Respules works in Marathi)

बुडेसोनाइड, कोर्टिकोस्टेरॉयड नावाच्या औषधांच्या वर्गात मोडते. हे नाक, गळा, फुप्फुसांच्या आत आलेली सूज आणि जळजळ कमी करते.

इशारे (Safety Advice in Marathi)

अल्कोहोलसोबत वर्तन अज्ञात आहे. कृपया डॉक्टरांचा सल्ला घ्या. काही नाही
Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml गर्भारपणात असुरक्षित असू शकते.
प्राण्यांवरील अभ्यास भ्रूणावर घातक परिणाम दर्शवतात, परंतू मानवी अभ्यास मर्यादित आहेत. गर्भार स्त्रियांमध्ये वापरण्याचे लाभ जोखीम असून देखील ग्राह्य आहेत. कृपया तुमच्या डॉक्टरांचा सल्ला घ्या.
Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml बहुधा स्तनपान करवण्याच्या दरम्यान वापरण्यास सुरक्षित आहे. मर्यादित मानवीय आकडेवारीवरुन दिसते की या औषधामुळे बाळाला लक्षणीय जोखीम होणार नाही.
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established

आपण Budecort ची मात्रा गमावल्यास काय होईल?

If you miss a dose of Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular schedule. Do not double the dose.

पर्यायी औषधे

For informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.
Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml
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तज्ञांचा सल्ला

  • Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml ‘dampens down’ inflammation in the lungs to provide long-term (maintenance) treatment of asthma and prevent disease progression.
  • Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml will not work for an ongoing asthma attack. Use your rescue inhaler to control sudden difficulty in breathing.
  • Take it at the same time every day to prevent asthma attacks.
  • Gargle with warm water after each inhalation to avoid any fungal infections in your mouth and throat.
  • Never breathe out into the mouthpiece.
  • Only minuscule amounts of Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml may get absorbed into the bloodstream after inhalation. Hence, serious side effects such or weight gain are unlikely.

Fact Box

Chemical Class
Inhalational Corticosteriods
Habit Forming
Therapeutic Class
Action Class
Inhalational Corticosteriods

औषधे सह संवाद

खालीलपैकी कोणत्याही औषधांसह Budecort घेतल्याने त्या पैकी एकचा परिणाम सुधारित होऊ शकतो आणि काही अवांछित दुष्परिणाम होऊ शकतात
ब्रँड: Ketozoe, Ketazol, Tako
जीवघेणी इशारा
ब्रँड: M Spirin, Aspirin, Asalite
ब्रँड: Hospicin B, Amphocil, Ampholyn
ब्रँड: Natnox

रुग्णांच्या समस्या

I have throte infection in last 1 week .take amoxil 500 mg 9 tabs and after ?zze 500 for 3 days but no chance iam working in side ac room
Dr. Sfurti Mann
Internal Medicine
Get CBC ESR throat check up and chest examined Can be allergic bronchitisNebulise with duolin budecort respules twice daily for 5days
My child is one year and 4 months old. He's an athematic and is on prolonged budecort 0.5mg twice daily since the age of 5 months. I time and again have to five him asthalin too as he suffers from cough often. I just wanted to know if prolonged budecort is harmful and does of effect a child's growth or not. He's extremely hyper and active. Is it a side effect?? Also I've been giving him mantair 4m since past few months. All medicines are as prescribed by his pediatric.
Dr. Gopal Bansilal Samdani
Budecort is safe and when used in supervision
आपल्याकडे Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml संबंधित काही प्रश्न आहेत का?

वापरकर्ता अभिप्राय

सतत विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

Q. Does Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml help with cough?

Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml helps relieve cough if it is caused due to asthma. In children, it is used to relieve cough which sounds like ‘dog bark’. This cough is caused due to irritation and swelling of the airways which further makes the airways narrow. As a result, when your child tries to breathe through the narrow passage, it becomes hard to breathe and causes coughing. Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml helps to reduce this irritation and swelling of the airways.

Q. Is Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml safe?

Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml is safe if used in the dose and duration advised by your doctor. Take it exactly as directed and do not skip any dose. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully and let your doctor know if any of the side effects bother you.

Q. Does Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml raise blood sugar?

Yes, if you are taking Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml orally, your blood sugar levels may increase. However, with Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml inhalers, an increase in the blood sugar levels is very rare but may increase only if very high doses are taken for a very long time.

Q. Does Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml cause bone loss?

Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml being a steroid tends to decrease bone density, but this is usually seen in patients who take Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml in high doses and for a very long time. Take Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml as per the doctor’s advice to decrease the chances of developing decreased bone density.

Q. Is Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml effective?

Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml is effective if used in the dose and duration advised by your doctor. Do not stop taking it even if you see improvement in your condition. If you stop using Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml too early, the symptoms may return or worsen.

Q. Does Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml weaken the immune system?

Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml may weaken the immune system; however, it is more common in people who take Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml orally (tablet or capsule). Whereas, with Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml inhalation, the immune system weakens only if it is taken in very high doses for a very long time.

Q. What if I forget to take a dose of Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml?

If you forget a dose of Budecort 0.5mg Respules 2ml, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next scheduled dose in the prescribed time. Do not double the dose to make up for the missed one as this may increase the chances of developing side effects.

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