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Womens Health Packages in varanasi

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Swasth Plus Health Woman Panel

Includes 41 Tests
16% Off

Healthy Women Package

Includes 7 Tests
30% Coupon

What you should know before booking a womens health package?

Healthy Women Healthy World!! As it is rightly said ‘a woman is the backbone of the family’. She manages both fronts; personal as well as professional with equal amount of energy, determination and vigor. Woman is prone to physical, mental and biological factors that may result into stressful and hazardous life. All these activities and multitasking makes a women ignore her health. Women have unique health issues. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. With all these multi-tasking, she tends to ignore her most important responsibility of all; that is taking care of her own health. Why Should you take up Healthy Women package? • As a routine check up • It is advisable to take this package if you are a young individual with a stressful routine/ job • This detailed test helps you check for other chronic diseases or malignancy at an early stage • It screens for anaemia or any blood related disorders, allergies or deficiencies, diabetes, heart abnormalities, kidney and liver functionality Our women's health checkup packages include all the basic to comprehensive tests that women of all age need to detect any onset of diseases. It is essential to have a continuous health surveillance at all time. 1mglabs offers packages that are perfect for women who wish to have complete control over their health. It is an excellent package to rule out most common illnesses of today's time.