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Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum

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What is Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum?

This test is used for patients who are born with metabolic problems. It also helps with the evaluation of liver diseases, neoplastic diseases, nutritional disturbances, neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, renal failure, muscle diseases and burns. Most patients suffering from amino acid disorders suffer from neurological, digestive and dermatological problems.

Why is Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum done?

If your doctor suspects that you may be going through any amino acid disorder, you may have to undertake this test to confirm your condition.

Preparation for Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum

The sample type collected for Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum is: Blood

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