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Myocardial Contrast Study

This test is for
Male, Female
Test Preparation
  1. Get the blood urea and creatinine test done to evaluate kidney function and to ensure safety of contrast before taking up the procedure.


What is Myocardial Contrast Study?

Myocardial contrast study is a sound waves echocardiography imaging technique which helps to visualise the blood vessels of the heart muscles. In the test, patient is injected with a radiocontrast material (optison) composed of small bubbles smaller than blood cells. These small bubbles helps to detect flow of the blood to the heart muscles blood vessel.

Why is Myocardial Contrast Study done?

  1. To detect coronary artery disease (CAD) where there is low blood supply to the heart muscles
  2. To diagnose atherosclerosis (blood clot condition in the arteries of the heart muscles)
  3. To monitor proper functioning and progression of the heart after heart surgery
  4. To measure the amount of blood flow to the heart muscles and heart beat
  5. To trace the plaque/fat/cholesterol presence in the coronary arteries of the heart muscles




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