TriIodothyronine Total

Test Results & Interpretations

Overview of TriIodothyronine Total

Test Description

The Triiodothyronine test is performed to detect and diagnose disorders of the thyroid gland including hypothyroidism and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why Get Tested

The test is performed when TSH levels are abnormal but with normal T4 levels. It is also done when hypothyroidism symptoms appear, including:
• Increase in heart rate
• Weight loss
• Anxiety
• Weakness
• Sleeping difficulty
• Hand tremors
• Sensitivity to light and visual disturbances
• Puffiness around eyes, irritation, dryness, and bulging of eyes in some cases


  • Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours before the test.

What Results of TriIodothyronine Total mean?


The normal ranges of T3 are:
Adults (more than 20yrs): 80-200 ng/dL
• 0-5 days: 73-288 ng/dL
• 6 days-2 months: 80-275 ng/dL
• 3-11 months: 86-265 ng/dL
• 1-5 years: 92-248 ng/dL
• 6-10 years: 93-231 ng/dL
• 11-19 years: 91-218 ng/dL
Greater values indicate hyperthyroidism, while lesser values indicate hypothyroidism.

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