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Healthy Heart Panel

Includes 32 Tests
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Max Cardiac Profile

Includes 22 Tests
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What you should know before booking a healthy heart package?

Good Health is Key to Happiness Needless to say that the heart is most essential organ of the human body and so it is utmost crucial to take good care of your heart. It will only add healthy years to your life. Its best to always have a definite picture of our heart health. Understanding the heart-related issues can have an inevitable change in your lifestyle. Regular heart check ups and tests can help detect the issues even before they start. This increase your chances for treatment and cure. We must keep knowledge about the risk factors that we may be having, like cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or being overweight. You need checkups more often if: • You have a family history of heart disease • You suffer from medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or obesity • If you have habits that raise your risks, like smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcohol etc • If you are leading a stressful life Healthy heart packages at 1mglabs are comprehensive set of tests which help to give you a complete report on the state of your cardiovascular system. These packages include all the required test that will help to track the condition of your heart.