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USG For Pericardial Eff.

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What is USG For Pericardial Eff.?

The Ultrasonography or Echocardiography test for pericardial effusion is an imaging test where ultrasound is used to create an image of the heart and the pericardial space, which is the space between the two layers of the membranous covering of the heart called pericardium.

Why is USG For Pericardial Eff. done?

  1. To detect and diagnose the cause of symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain that is relieved when sitting down, palpitations, etc.
  2. To detect any anomalies in the pericardial fluid volume and the pericardium walls.
  3. To assess volume of pericardial fluid as any increase in volume or effusion can cause compression of heart chambers
  4. To diagnose the cause of muffled heart sounds

Preparation for USG For Pericardial Eff.

  • No special preparation required

Provided By

Shahbazker's Diagnostics

Colaba Market, MUMBAI
Shahbazker's Diagnostics



The CLINICAL LABORATORY of Shahbazker’s Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Colaba is the 5th lab in Mumbai & 21st in India to be granted accreditation by NABL, and the 1st Lab in Mumbai and 2nd in India to be accredited under ISO 15189 (specific for medical Laboratories). NABL is a body under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Its criteria are based on ISO 15189:2007.

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