Test Results & Interpretations

Overview of Sodium

Test Description

This test measures the amount of a very important salt in the body which is necessary for every cell's functioning. It is ordered as a part of routine basic metabolic panel, when you experience symptoms of low sodium like confusion, lethargy, weakness or high sodium like increased thirst, muscle twitching, agitation, when you have kidney disease or hypertension , when you are experiencing dehydration or edema, and when you have to undergo a surgery.

Why Get Tested

  1. As a part of electrolyte panel or health packages 
  2. If you have signs or symptoms of low sodium like confusion, weakness, lethargy 
  3. If you have symptoms of high sodium like thirst, dry ,mucous membranes, less frequent urination, muscle twitching 
  4. It is usually ordered when monitoring treatment of certain conditions like high blood pressure, heart failure, liver or kidney disease  


  • No special preparation required

What Results of Sodium mean?


  • Low levels of blood sodium (hyponatremia) may be due to loosing too much sodium as in diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating or excess fluid accumulation in the body as in heart failure, liver failure, kidney disease, malnutrition 
  • High levels of sodium (hypernatremia) is almost always caused by dehydration. Other rare causes may be Cushing’s syndrome, Diabetes insipidus

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