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What is Phencyclidine?

The Phencyclidine test is performed to detect the presence and levels of the drug Phencyclidine in the blood. Phencyclidine is a drug of abuse that is sold under the market name ‘angel dust’ or ‘angel hair’. It can be self administered by smoking, nasal insufflation, intravenous injection or oral ingestion. It is excreted in the urine and its levels serve as an indicator of whether the person has used the substance or not.

Why is Phencyclidine done?

  1. The Phencyclidine test is performed either as a part of a panel of tests checking for drugs of abuse, or individually if phencyclidine abuse is suspected
  2. To monitor compliance with prescribed medications, or to detect and evaluate drug intoxication or overdose
  3. Sometimes required prior to the start of a new job or insurance policy; randomly for workplace drug testing or athletic drug testing programs; as mandated when court-ordered




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