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Urine Magnesium

Interpreting Results

Overview of Urine Magnesium

What is Urine Magnesium?

It is used to measure the Magnesium level in urine with a 24-hr urine test. The test is conducted to find out Magnesium poisoning or Magnesium deficiency, during and after the treatment for the same. The test is also useful for evaluating urinary calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate in order to assess of kidney stone problems.

Why is Urine Magnesium done?

The test is done to access low levels of calcium and potassium in the urine, in case the patient has fatigue, nausea, and cardiac irregularities, muscle cramps, loss of appetite and seizures. It is also done during the treatment of alcoholism, malnutrition and mal-absorption and evaluation of kidney disorders and diabetes.

Preparation for Urine Magnesium

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Urine Magnesium

The sample type collected for Urine Magnesium is: Urine

Interpreting Urine Magnesium results


The test result for a 24-hr urine sample, ranges from 18 to 130 mg/day in women and 28 to 180 mg/day in men.

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