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Uric Acid, Random Urine

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What is Uric Acid, Random Urine?

This test is usually done when you have joint pain usually in the toes or other symptoms suggestive of a disease called as gout, when you have had or you are going to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy done for cancer treatment, or when you have recurrent kidney stones to assess the cause.

Why is Uric Acid, Random Urine done?

  1. If you have joint pain especially in the toes or other symptoms suggesting gout 
  2. If you have recurrent kidney stones to assess the cause  
  3. If you have had or are going to have certain chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer 

Interpreting Uric Acid, Random Urine results


Higher than normal uric acid in the blood is called as hyperuricemia and can be caused by over production of uric acid in the body or inability of kidneys to remove excess uric acid 

  • Increased levels of uric acid can be seen in a disease called as gout or sometimes in kidney stones
  • Low levels of uric acid is much less common and is seen in liver or kidney disease, exposure to toxic compounds or Wilson’s disease

Answers to Patient Concerns & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Uric Acid, Random Urine

Frequently Asked Questions about Uric Acid, Random Urine

Q. My uric acid levels is high but I don’t have gout. What does this test result mean?
Not everyone who has high uric acid has gout. High levels of uric acid in blood do not always lead to symptoms. This condition is called asymptomatic hyperuricemia and can be seen in people with kidney stones, family history of gout etc.



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