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Myoglobin, Urine

Interpreting Results

Overview of Myoglobin, Urine

What is Myoglobin, Urine?

Myoglobin, a protein in the striated muscles can be released in high concentrations because of certain injuries. The high concentrations are then reflected in the urine as it is excreted via the kidneys and thus can be tested for some metabolic diseases and kidney damage.

Why is Myoglobin, Urine done?

The test is used to find out if any muscle damage has occurred in the body that can cause severe muscle trauma, a heart attack with heartburn and indigestion, chest pain and discomfort and radiating pain to the jaw and face. The test is also used in the detection of high myoglobin levels in the urine that may cause kidney damage.

Preparation for Myoglobin, Urine

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Myoglobin, Urine

The sample type collected for Myoglobin, Urine is: Urine

Interpreting Myoglobin, Urine results


A normal result signifies no myoglobin in the urine that is actually a negative result. In case myoglobin is detected in the urine, its concentration must be calculated. The reference levels varies from lab to lab. 

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