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Interpreting Results

Overview of NT-Pro BNP

What is NT-Pro BNP?

The N-terminal pro b-type Natriuretic Peptide test is used to detect, diagnose, and estimate the severity of a congestive heart failure or CHF.

Why is NT-Pro BNP done?

Testing is done when symptoms of CHF appear. These include shortness of breath, sudden fatigue, pain in the left side of chest and shoulders, etc. It is also done while being treated for congestive heart failure.

Preparation for NT-Pro BNP

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for NT-Pro BNP

The sample type collected for NT-Pro BNP is: Blood

Interpreting NT-Pro BNP results


Under 50 years of age:
• NT-proBNP <300 pg/ml: No indication of CHF
• NT-proBNP >450 pg/ml: High chance of CHF
50-75 years of age:
• NT-proBNP <300 pg/ml: No indication of CHF
• NT-proBNP >900 pg/ml: High chance of CHF
Over 75 years of age:
• NT-proBNP <300 pg/ml: No indication of CHF
• NT-proBNP >1800 pg/ml: High chance of CHF

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