Endomysial Antibody IgM

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What is Endomysial Antibody IgM?

The test diagnoses the sensitivity of a person to gluten protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Endomysial Antibody, IgM is produced immediately after the gluten comes in contact with the digestive system of the body thereby triggering reactions to cause symptoms like vomiting, flatulence, blood stool, greasy and foul-smelling stool etc. This test measures the presence of IgM that indicates an immediate reaction of the body to the protein. This test can also be performed for Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH). Dermatitis herpetiformis is a chronic blistering skin condition, characterised by blisters filled with a watery fluid.

Why is Endomysial Antibody IgM done?

  1. To diagnose Celiac disease when symptoms of Celiac Disease appear which includes abdominal pain, chronic irregular bowel movements, flatulence, blood in the stool, anemia, fatigue, joint pain, weight loss, etc.
  2. To assess efficacy of gluten free diet in patients diagnosed with Celiac Disease who are on such diet
  3. To screen people with blood relatives already diagnosed with Celiac disease

Preparation for Endomysial Antibody IgM

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Endomysial Antibody IgM

The sample type collected for Endomysial Antibody IgM is: Blood

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