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Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM)

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Interpreting Results

Overview of Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM)

What is Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM)?

This is a blood test that is done to ascertain the Cortisol levels in the blood. Usually, the test involves drawing blood in the morning and the late afternoon or evening. The two samples are tested to check the differing Cortisol levels in the body with respect to the time of the day.

Why is Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM) done?

The test is performed to check whether the Cortisol levels in the blood are too high or too low. The test can be used to diagnose diseases that affect the Cortisol level in the body. These diseases include,
• Addison’s disease
• Cushing’s disease.

Preparation for Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM)

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM)

The sample type collected for Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM) is: Blood

Interpreting Cortisol Serum (3 to 5 PM) results


Normal range for PM Cortisol tests,
• Adults= 0-10 mcg/dL
• Elderly= 3-13 mcg/dL
• Child= 3-10 mcg/dL
If the cortisol levels are higher or lower than these ranges, than the patient may be suffering from an underlying condition.

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