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USG of Inguino-Scrotal Region

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What is USG of Inguino-Scrotal Region?

The Scrotal Ultrasound Test is an imaging procedure that uses ultrasound to create an image of the testicles and surrounding tissues to detect and diagnose any associated abnormalities in males.

Why is USG of Inguino-Scrotal Region done?

  1. To detect and determine the nature of any abnormal mass formed in the scrotum
  2. To assess the extent of testicular injury due to trauma
  3. To diagnose any suspected inflammation or infections in the scrotal region
  4. To determine the cause of male infertility
  5. To diagnose and locate undescended testicles
  6. To diagnose any suspected testicular torsion or hernia

Preparation for USG of Inguino-Scrotal Region

  • No special preparation required

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Scan Lab

Sector 46, GURGAON
Scan Lab


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