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CT Venogaphy

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What is CT Venogaphy?

Computerized Tomography (CT) Venography is a diagnostic procedure in which a contrast material is injected and rotating beams of X-rays are used to create cross sectional images of the veins, which are then used to create a complete three dimensional image of the veins and blood flow patterns in them.

Why is CT Venogaphy done?

  1. • To monitor the condition of the veins • To detect the presence of blood clots or any blockade in the veins • To determine the pattern of varicose veins before a surgery • To locate a suitable vein for dialysis or bypass procedures • To help guide treatment procedures like grafts or stents

Preparation for CT Venogaphy

  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor (and x-ray technician) as the radiations may affect the fetus. If needed, precautions can be taken to lower the radiation exposure to the fetus.
  • Depending on the area to be imaged, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown at the time of the scan.

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