Hepatitis E Virus Total Antibody

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What is HEV Total?

The Hepatitis E Virus Total Antibody test is performed to diagnose a condition of viral hepatitis caused by the Hepatitis E virus which affects your liver. It is an immunoassay test performed to check for antibodies IgM and IgG.

Why is HEV Total done?

  1. When symptoms of liver diseases including hepatitis appear, including jaundice, fatigue, fever, swelling and inflammation of liver, etc. The antibodies IgM and IgG specific to the hepatitis E virus are produced in the blood, which are tested to detect presence and severity of infection
  2. To screen for HEV infection for patients suspected of being exposed to HEV

Preparation for HEV Total

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for HEV Total

The sample type collected for Hepatitis E Virus Total Antibody is: Blood

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