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USG Foetal Echo-Cardiography


What is USG Foetal Echo-Cardiography?

The Foetal Echocardiography test is an imaging procedure in which the ultrasound is used to create an image of the heart and its internal structures of the foetus inside the womb to detect structural or functional disorders associated with the foetal heart.

Why is USG Foetal Echo-Cardiography done?

  1. To assess the development and functioning of the foetal heart
  2. To check for congenital malformations (birth defects) if a previous USG indicates one
  3. To assess the risk of development of heart conditions if a sibling has already been diagnosed with a heart disease
  4. To assess the risk of damage to the foetal heart if the mother consumes alcohol, smokes, or takes certain prescription drugs during pregnancy
  5. To assess the risk of development of heart disorders if the mother is affected by diseases like rubella, Type 1 diabetes, etc.

Preparation for USG Foetal Echo-Cardiography

  • No special preparation required

Provided By

Noble Diagnostics

Hari Nagar, NEW DELHI
Noble Diagnostics



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