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MR AngiogrAPhy

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What is MR AngiogrAPhy?

The Magnetic Resonance based Angiography is an imaging procedure where magnetic field and radiowaves are used to create a detailed image of the blood vessels and blood flow patterns to diagnose any blood vessel disorders and blockages.

Preparation for MR AngiogrAPhy

  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor (and x-ray technician) as the radiations may affect the fetus. If needed, precautions can be taken to lower the radiation exposure to the fetus.
  • Depending on the area to be imaged, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown at the time of the X-ray.

Why Get Tested for MR AngiogrAPhy?

  1. To evaluate any physical trauma or injury to the blood vessels
  2. To evaluate weak points in blood vessels or aneurysm
  3. To evaluate blockages in blood vessels due to plaque deposition or blood clot formation
  4. To evaluate the presence of any abnormal blood vessels
  5. To evaluate study of blood supply to tumors (abnormal growths)
  6. To evaluate congenital abnormalities (birth defects) of the circulatory system
  7. For planning and checking efficacy of treatments for blockages including stents and grafts

Provided By

Mahajan Imaging Centre (HZ)

Hauz Khas Enclave, NEW DELHI
Mahajan Imaging Centre (HZ)



Mahajan Imaging has a history of bringing new technologies into the private sector in the country for example standing weight bearing MRI, Cone Beam Dental CT, functional MRI, MR tractography, MR mammography, CT coronary angiography, 4D ultrasound with tomography, PET-CT, CT-guided robotic biopsy, digital mammography and DEXA bone densitometry. Continuing the said trend, they have recently installed Asia’s 1st Silent MRI technology and India’s first Dual Energy Spectral CT Scanner with the most advances cardiac imaging capabilities in the world. There are currently seven centres in New Delhi, with the standalone centres in Hauz Khas and Defence Colony. The other centres located in prestigious hospitals including Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, PSRI Hospital, Fortis Hospital, BLK Super Speciality Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital.

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