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Cytomegalovirus, DNA PCR - Qualitative

(CMV, DNA PCR Qual.)
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What is CMV, DNA PCR Qual.?

The test is a qualitative one that involves a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) real time method for detection of Cytomegalovirus which is a DNA virus that can cause severe infection. The test method is highly sensitive and specific, in fact it is most sensitive for CMV detection and is considered a better method to detect viremia than the normal culture method or antigenemia testing.

Why is CMV, DNA PCR Qual. done?

The test is required if a young adult or a pregnant woman or an immune-suppressed individual is detected with flu-like symptoms suggesting a CMV infection or when an infant is detected with multiple congenital abnormalities such as jaundice, anemia, seizures, developmental problems etc or just before an organ transplant.

Interpreting CMV, DNA PCR Qual. results


Positive results will indicate the presence of CMV DNA in the sample whereas negative results will show no CMV DNA or the viral DNA copies present in the sample would be lesser in number than the detection limit.



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