Follicular Study Single Sitting

What is Follicular Study Single Sitting?

The Follicular Study test is an imaging procedure that uses ultrasound to create an image of the uterus and ovaries using an endovaginal ultrasound transducer and helps to assess follicular activity, to detect any abnormal lesions, and to guide the treatment procedures like selecting a mature ova for in vitro fertilization procedure.

Why is Follicular Study Single Sitting done?

  1. To assess the size of the ovarian follicles and their time of ovulation
  2. To detect the lesions or other abnormal structures in the uterus or ovaries
  3. To guide in vitro fertilization or other assisted reproduction procedures

Preparation for Follicular Study Single Sitting

  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor (and x-ray technician) as the radiations may affect the fetus. If needed, precautions can be taken to lower the radiation exposure to the fetus.
  • Depending on the area to be imaged, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown at the time of the scan.

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