USG Obstetrical (24 - 36 Weeks)

Growth Scan

What is USG Obstetrical (24 - 36 Weeks)?

The Obstetrical Ultrasonography test is an imaging procedure that uses ultrasound to create an image of the fetus inside the womb during pregnancy to assess fetal development and any disorders of it.

Why is USG Obstetrical (24 - 36 Weeks) done?

  1. To diagnose and confirm early pregnancy
  2. To determine life of the fetus and age of the pregnancy
  3. To determine the position of the fetus and placenta inside the womb
  4. To detect and diagnose any suspected congenital fetal abnormalities
  5. To determine multiple pregnancy
  6. To estimate the volume of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus
  7. To determine the cervical integrity and check for premature cervical opening or shortening
  8. To assess the proper growth and general well being of the fetus

Preparation for USG Obstetrical (24 - 36 Weeks)

  • No special preparation required

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