Calcium Ionized

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Interpreting Results

Overview of Ionic Calcium

What is Ionic Calcium?

Ionized calcium, also called free calcium, is the amount of calcium that is floating in the blood, not attached to proteins.

Why is Ionic Calcium done?

  1. As a part of a complete metabolic panel (CMP) or basic metabolic panel (BMP)
  2. If you have signs or symptoms suggestive of
    1. Kidney disease
    2. Thyroid disease
    3. Parathyroid disease
    4. Malnutrition
    5. High calcium levels such as constipation, abdominal pain, increased thirst or weakness
    6. Low calcium levels such as tingling fingers or muscle cramps

Preparation for Ionic Calcium

  • Do not eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours before the test.

Sample Type for Ionic Calcium

The sample type collected for Calcium Ionized is: Blood

Interpreting Ionic Calcium results


  • High levels of calcium may be associated with hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, sarcoidosis, medicines like thiazide diuretcis and some tumors 
  • Lower levels may be due to vitamin D deficiency, kidney failure, decreased absorption of calcium or bone disease.

Answers to Patient Concerns & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ionic Calcium

Frequently Asked Questions about Calcium Ionized

Q. What are the good sources of calcium?
Milk and other dairy products are the best sources of calcium. Various fruits and vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, nuts, eggs and legumes are also great sources of calcium.

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