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Phospholipid Syndrome Profile

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Tests Included

Overview of Phospholipid Syndrome Profile

What is Phospholipid Syndrome Profile?

This test is used for the diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome (abnormal blood clotting) in individuals. This condition may result in miscarriages, hypertension etc.

Sample Type

The sample type collected for Phospholipid Syndrome Profile is: Blood

Preparation for Phospholipid Syndrome Profile

  • No special preparation required

Why Get Tested for Phospholipid Syndrome Profile?

  1. This test helps to investigate an unusual blood clot formation
  2. To diagnose Antiphospholipid syndrome in patients with recent miscarriage, pulmonary hypertension
  3. To evaluate stroke at young age

Tests Included in Phospholipid Syndrome Profile(4 tests)

  • Anti Cardiolipin IgG Antibody
  • Lupus Anticoagulant
  • Anti Cardiolipin IgM Antibody
  • Phospholipid Antibodies Panel IgG & IgM

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