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MRI Nasopharynx With Contrast

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What is MRI Nasopharynx With Contrast?

An MRI nasopharynx creates a picture of the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx and surrounding soft tissues. The images captured during the MRI scan can be stored on an electronic device which is further printed on a film. The MRI scan is radiationless test which uses strong magnetic and radio waves to create detailed and clear 3D multiple images. The whole MRI scan procedure takes about 40-60 minutes. You may be asked to take an oral solution of the radio-contrast agent or be given the same in an injectable form for better images of the internal body structures in the MRI scan.

Why is MRI Nasopharynx With Contrast done?

  1. To diagnose nasopharngeal infections like pharyngitis (inflammation of pharynx), epiglottitis (larynx lid inflammation), sinusitis (sinuses inflammation), otitis media (earache due to nasopharyngeal infection).
  2. To detect blockage in the nasal region or cause of nasal bleeding
  3. To find out presence of any tumor/cyst (abnormal mass growth) in the nasopharyngeal region.

Preparation for MRI Nasopharynx With Contrast

  • At the time of the MRI you might be asked to remove any metallic coins, jewelry, metal wrist watches, metallic keys, dentures or hearing aids as the MRI uses strong magnetic fields
  • Tell your radiologist if you have metallic implants like pacemaker, cochlear implants, aneurysm clips, neuro-stimulator, surgical staples/clips or drug implants
  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor about their pregnancy before going for MRI
  • Get the blood urea and creatinine test done to evaluate kidney function and to ensure safety of contrast before taking up the procedure.

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