Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel

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Tests Included

Overview of Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel

What is Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel?

Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) is a hormonal disorder affecting women which leads to formation of multiple cysts in the ovaries. There is not one test that confirms the disease, but panels of tests are required to be done.

Sample Type

The sample type collected for Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel is: Blood

Preparation for Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel

  • No special preparation required

Why Get Tested for Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel?

The PCOD panel may be ordered if your doctor observes signs and symptoms such as:

  1. Irregolar mesntrual periods
  2. Moltiple cysts seen in the ovaries on oltrasonography
  3. Pelvic pain
  4. Sudden weight gain
  5. Abnormal body hair growth, facial hair
  6. Acne or darkening of skin


What Results of Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel mean?


In PCOS, there may be: 

  • Elevated LH (Lutenising Hormone) to FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone ) ratio is usually indicative of PCOS 
  • Estrogen and testosterone levels may be elevated 

Tests Included in Polycystic Ovarian Disease Panel(7 tests)

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Luteinising Hormone
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • Prolactin
  • Glucose - Fasting Blood
  • Testosterone Total
  • Insulin - Fasting

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