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Oestradiol is used in post menopausal osteoporosis (porous bones) and hormone replacement therapy (hrt)

How it works

The active ingredient, synthetic 17β-estradiol, is chemically and biologically identical to endogenous human oestradiol. It substitutes for the loss of oestrogen production in menopausal women, and alleviates menopausal symptoms.

Common side effects

Vomiting, Nausea, Acute toxicity, Altered libido, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Breast tenderness, Breast pain, Burning sensation, Constipation, Cough, Pain during periods, Hair loss, Heartburn, Increased hair growth, Mood changes, Running nose, Nasal congestion, Rash, Skin rash, Skin redness, Stomach upset, Vaginal discharge, Vaginal itching, Weight loss, Weight gain

Available Medicine

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