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Live Attenuated Human Rotavirus Vaccine



Live Attenuated Human Rotavirus Vaccine is used to prevent rotavirus infection

How it works

Live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine is a vaccine.It helps develop immunity by initiating a mild infection. This type of infection does not cause illness, but it does stimulate the body's immune system to produce antibodies to protect against any future infections .

Common side effects

Otitis media (infection of ear), Bronchospasm, Diarrhoea, Fatigue, Flatulence, Irritation, Nasopharyngitis, Rectal haemorrhage (bleeding), Vomiting

Available Medicine

  • ₹1499
    Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    1 variant(s)
  • ₹990
    MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
    1 variant(s)
  • ₹689
    Bharat Biotech
    1 variant(s)
  • ₹729
    Abbott India Ltd
    1 variant(s)

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