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    Equine Antirabies Immunoglobulin

    Information about Equine Antirabies Immunoglobulin

    Equine antirabies immunoglobulin uses

    Equine Antirabies Immunoglobulin is used to prevent rabies.

    How equine antirabies immunoglobulin works

    Equine antirabies immunoglobulin is an inactivated vaccine (made from a dead virus). It helps develop immunity by forming antibodies, which are proteins that protect against infection caused by viruses present in the vaccine.

    Common side effects of equine antirabies immunoglobulin

    Nausea, Acute toxicity, Rash, Stomach upset

    Available Medicine for Equine Antirabies Immunoglobulin

    • ₹451
      Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd
      1 variant(s)
    • ₹600
      Indian Immunologicals Ltd
      1 variant(s)

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