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Cefixime(200 mg),Ornidazole(500 mg)


Cefixime(200 mg)


Cefixime is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections, particularly those of the ear, nose, sinuses (sinusitis), throat (pharyngitis, tonsillitis), chest and lungs (bronchitis, pneumonia), and the urinary system (cystitis, kidney infections). 

How it works

Cefixime is a cephalosporin antibiotic which acts by inhibiting bacterial cell wall (outer coating of bacteria) synthesis and killing the bacteria, thereby reducing the infection.



Common side effects

inflammation or swelling of face, tongue or windpipe., secondary infections, Common: Diarrheanausea, skin rash, abdominal pain, vomiting, changes in blood test values, loss of appetite, allergies, dizziness, fever, gas, headache, itchiness

Ornidazole(500 mg)


Ornidazole is used in the treatment of infections of vagina, urinary tract, intestine and other parts of the body caused by anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not use oxygen) or protozoa (amoeba or single-celled parasites). It is also used to prevent these infections during surgical procedures.

How it works

Ornidazole is an antibiotic (anti-bacteria and anti-protozoal) drug belonging to the class of imidazole derivatives. It interacts with DNA inside the microorganism to cause protein synthesis inhibition and cell death.

Common side effects

stiffness in joints or muscles, disturbances in taste and loss of consciousness., poor co-ordination, Sleepiness, confusion, allergies, tremors, dizziness, fits, spinning sensation, numbness in fingers and toes, skin reactions, headache


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Expert advice

  • Take caution when taking the medicine if you have liver or kidney disease or history of anemia.
  • Take the tablets whole with a glass of water with or without food or milk. Do not crush or chew the tablets.
  • The medicine works best if taken with meal or within 30 minutes of a meal.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have kidney problems, inflammation of colon (colitis) or if you are taking medicines to thin the blood (e.g. warfarin).
  • Do not take cefixime if you are allergic to it or to any type of cephalosporin or penicillin drugs.
  • Do not take cefexime if you have allergic reaction (rash, swallowing or breathing problems, swelling of lips, face, tongue and throat).
  • Do not give cefixime to a child less than 6 months of age.

Frequently asked questions


Q. What is cefexime and what is it used for?
Cefexime (also available as Topcef/ Taxem/ Mahacef/ Zifi/ Suprax) is a cephalosporin antibiotic used for a variety of infections of the throat, chest and urinary tract and infections like typhoid or gonorrhea.
Q. Is cefixime same as penicillin?Does it contain sulfur?
It is not penicillin and does not contain sulfur.
Q. Is cefexime safe?
Cefexime is relatively safe in prescribed dose and for prescribed duration as advised by your doctor. However, consult your doctor before taking cefexime in case of pregnancy, breast-feeding or in children.
Q. Can I take cefexime with food?
Cefexime can be taken with food or milk.
Q. Does cefexime affect birth control?
There is no evidence of cefexime affecting contraception. Please consult your doctor to confirm whether you require a secondary birth control measure while taking levofloxacin.


Q. Is Ornidazole an antibiotic? What is it used for?
Ornidazole is an antibiotic that cures infections (caused by bacteria or protozoa) of intestine, urinary tract, genital tract and other body parts. 

Q. Is ornidazole same as metronidazole?
Ornidazole and metronidazole are two different drugs belonging to the same class and are used for the same type of diseases.

Q. Is ornidazole carcinogenic?
There are no reports suggesting the potential of ornidazole to cause cancer.

Q. Is ornidazole safe?
Ornidazole is a relatively safe drug if used in prescribed dose for prescribed duration as advised by your doctor. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

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