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Systen 3.2 mg Patch



Uses of Systen Patch

Systen 3.2 mg Patch is used in the treatment of Hot Flushes. It is used to reduce moderate to severe hot flushes, in women who have attained menopause.

Systen Patch side effects

  • Headache
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramp
  • Bloating
  • Breast pain

How to use Systen Patch

Use this medicine in dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label before use. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Remove the protective liner of the patch. Do not touch the sticky side. With sticky side down, place the patch evenly onto the skin.

How Systen Patch works

Systen 3.2 mg Patch is an estrogen (female sex hormone). In women who are undergoing or have attained menopause, it prevents symptom such as hot flushes.

Systen Patch related warnings

No interaction found/established
Systen 3.2 mg Patch is highly unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Human and animal studies have shown significant adverse effects on the foetus. Please consult your doctor.
Systen 3.2 mg Patch is unsafe to use during lactation. Data suggests that the drug may cause toxicity to the baby, or the mother is suffering from a condition in which breastfeeding is not advisable.
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established

Alternate Brands

For informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.
No alternate brands found for this medicine

Patient Concerns

Questions Related to Systen

Acute Hot flushes problem since 5 years
Dr. Suman Rao
Consult a Gynae nearby and discuss about HRT. Increase soy intake in your diet.
I'm 22 year female I have h/o irregular menstrual cycle since long time like for more than 2years My cycle initially was for 5days But from last two cycles it is for 10days and I dint get my periods from two months I noticed increase in weight and facial hair growth and sweating from palms n soles, hot flushes and I'm feeling hungry for every two hours I got my thyroid test done based on my symptoms and here I'm uploading my thyroid profile Hope you can help me out doctor
Dr. Asmita Kaundal
Infertility and Gynaecologist
ur thyroid is normal. get ur ultrasound pelvis done. get ur GTT with 75 gm glucose done. LH , FSH and prolactine done. join some exercise. and take a diet plan from dietician according to ur wait. if u are sure there are no chamce of pregnancy. u can take tab meprate 10 mg twice daily for 5 days and after stopping the medicine u can expext periods im another 7 to 10 days or earlier. i wld suggeat u to see a gyanec in person as a proper physical examination prior to any medicine is requires and from next month from day 2 of ur cycle v wld like to put u on Tab. Diane 35 once a day for 21 days for 6 months. so plz see a gyanec in person as nothing can replace a personal contact with doctor a lot can be known after looking at a patient.
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Q. What is Systen and what it is used for?

Systen contains a medicine called Estradiol which is a form of female sex hormone, estrogen. It is used after menopause to reduce moderate to severe hot flushes caused due to lack of estrogen.

Q. How to use Systen?

This medicine is applied to an unbroken, clean, and dry skin. Allow the skin to dry completely before covering with a cloth. Wash your hands with soap and water after applying this medicine. Use this medicine only as advised by your doctor. Do not use more than you have been advised. Do not apply this medicine to your face, breast and in or around the vagina.

Q. What if I forget to use Systen?

You may apply the missed dose as soon as you remember unless you are not 12 hours late. If you are more than 12 hours late, then skip the missed dose and follow the usual dosing schedule.

Q. What are the common side effects of using Systen?

The common side effects of using Systen are headache, breast pain, irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. If any of these side effects bother you, please consult with your doctor.

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