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Primary uses of Dencross Lotion

60 ml in 1 bottle
Medicine Overview of Dencross Lotion

Uses of Dencross Lotion

Dencross Lotion is used in the treatment of dandruff.

Dencross Lotion side effects


Side Effect of Dencross is Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness).

How to use Dencross Lotion

This medicine is for external use only. Use this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Shake it well and apply to the area evenly.

How Dencross Lotion works

Dencross Lotion is a combination of two antifungal medicines: Ketoconazole and Zinc pyrithione which treat dandruff. They work by stopping the growth of fungi that cause dandruff by preventing them from forming their own protective covering.
In Depth Information on Dencross Lotion

Dencross Lotion related warnings

Special precautions for Dencross Lotion
No interaction found/established
Dencross Lotion may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. The benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. Please consult your doctor.
No information is available on the use of Dencross Lotion during lactation. Please consult your doctor.
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established

Patient Concerns

Questions Related to Dencross

My eyelashes have dandruff and dead skin around them. Consequently, my eyelashes are have become less dense in the past two years.
Dr. Atula Gupta
Skin Specialist
Eumosone- M once daily for 1 week.Tab. Nizral 200 mg twice daily for 5 days.After 1 week Start applying Gloria solution or Lashishma solution once daily at night to thicken and increase the eye lash
I am having heavy hairfall problem due to stick dandruff kind of thing. I showed it to many doctors but none of the medicine is working It works for few days then again the same problem
Dr. Atul Jain
Skin Specialist
8x shampoo twice a weekTopisal lotion at night
I have a lot of dandruff. I used Fungal drops and shampoo. It has increased even more. I am also getting pimples on head. On the borders it is fully white and when we rub it with a cloth dust like powder is falling.
Dr. Atula Gupta
Skin Specialist
For Dandruff- KETRAL 2% Scalp Solution / Keraglo AD Shampoo for application three times in a week for wash Sebowash Shampoo / 8X Shampoo once in a week for washStop oil application over scalp.
I am suffering from hairfall and thinning of hair along with dandruff
Dr. Souvik Sardar
Skin Specialist
For hairfall Use 5% regaine lotion - 1ml to apply twice daily over dry scalp with fingers Continue for 4months Wash ur fingers after application For dandruff Use FUNGICIDE LOTION - thrice weekly on alternate days kip it for 1-2 mins during bath over wet scalp and wash off .continue for 6wks
Head hair loose full dandruff front or bhi champ daily hair losses solutions I want medicine treatment by resaltTreatment solutions tell me
Dr. Atul Jain
Skin Specialist
Scalpe shampoo twice a weekDiprovate plus lotion at night
Boils on all over the scalp from 2year and continuous loss of hair, before this I had perfect hair covering
Dr. Banashree Majumdar
Skin Specialist
use Logidruff anti dandruff shampoo every alternate day. No oil application. Apply Candid B lotion over scalpe once at night for 2 weeks.Even after 2weeks if it persist then visit a dermatologist personally
Huge dandruff. Shampoo 4 days in a week. But no result
Dr. Atula Gupta
Skin Specialist
For Dandruff- KETRAL 2% Scalp Solution / Keraglo AD Shampoo for application three times in a week. Sebowash Shampoo once in a week.Stop oil application over scalp.
No Patient Concerns found for this medicine

User Submitted Feedback For Dencross Lotion

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Keto AZ Solution
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AF K Lotion
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