Osteoporosis in men

Description of Osteoporosis in men

Osteoporosis is a silent disease and it thins and weakens the bones. The person may not know until you break too many bones too often. Low bone density is one of the major causes of osteoporosis across masses.
Signs and Symptoms
Symptoms may include:
1. Bones become fragile
2. Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra
3. Loss of height over time
4. A stooped posture
5. A bone fracture that occurs much more easily than expected
6. Bones in the hip, spine, and wrist are most susceptible 
Causes and Risk Factors 
Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but it is more common in older women. Risk factors include:
1. Getting older
2. Being small and thin
3. Having a family history of osteoporosis
4. Taking certain medicines
5. Being a white or Asian
6. Having low bone density
Preventive measures include:
1. Eat a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D
2. Exercise daily
3. Do not smoke
4. Be cautious while walking
Your doctor may ask you to get a bone mineral density test done to check your bone health.
NIH: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
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