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17 years
2 years ago
What are side-effects of masturbation?
1 Answer
Dr. Pranay Gandhi
2 years ago
Hi PATIENT in males means that u have perfect functioning male sexual organs and desires so u r perfectly normal. Its absolutely healthy to masturbate. Some masturbate daily. Some do it upto 10 times per day. After masturbation a lot of stress is removed and man feels relaxed. However some guys masturbation coz they gave nothing else to do. In any case it's perfectly normal physically but may hamper ur concentration so decide a time for masturbation like at night time before sleeping and focus on other important things all day. And pls for God's sake don't believe in the quacks who preach that masturbation is bad and it causes weakness and reduces masculinity they r all bullshit so enjoy masturbation as it is the simplest way to keep u happy but organise it to focus on other things like study and work accordingly hope u r satisfied.
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