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a year ago
Type II Diabetic, best medicine, diet & remedies to take care
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Dr. Sanjay Bhatt
Diabetes Specialist
a year ago
A person can control his or her sugar levels by regular exercise and walk or regular aerobic exercises at least 30 to 45 minutes per day.MEDICAL NUTRITIONAL THERAPY THAT IS TO MAINTAIN CALORIES INTAKE AS PER BMI .TAKE HELP OF DIABETIC EDUCATOR. VISIT YOU DOCTOR AND FOLLOW ALL WHAT DOCTOR SUGGESTED. ALWAYS IN TIME ALL ROUTINE INVESTIGATIONS SHOULD BE SHOULD not treat it as disease but start of a healthy life.Uncontrolled sugar levels for long time leads to lower limb weakness which is neuropathy and which is followed by foot ulcers and other prescription is not allowed without seeing contact doctor nearby for any change or dose adjustment or visit my clinic at Gurugram, shiv puri mor Old railway Road, near Haris Bakery, PNL HEALTH CARE CLINIC (Advanced diabetic clinic)
Every medicine is best depends on how much you have glycemic control with signed or multiple salts
What medicines are you taking
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