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24 years
2 years ago
Sometimes I suddenly feel like I am going to faint with Dizziness and Vertigo and whole face and neck start sweating. Then gets pain in back of the head and back of Neck. Presently its paining. Feels little weak in body. Also suffering from a heaviness behind eyes with headache in Forehead and temple from last 10 days after using PC and Mobile too much. Have lil vometing tendency. Yesterday BP - 110/75 Today BP- 130/80 Persistent disease- Spondylitis (loss of cervical lordosis and paraspinal muscle spasm) AND Allergic rhinitis. Pls help.
1 Answer
Dr. Sunil Sekhri
Diabetes Specialist
2 years ago
Could be because of muscle fatigue due to excessive use of PC and mobile. You also need to do neck exercises which you can learn from a Physiotherapist . For rhinos take tab Loridin 1 tab OD x 3 days
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