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2 years ago
Sleep problem,not concentration
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Stress cause chemical response in brain with number of physical and psychological effects. Acute stress can trigger of anxiety and long term stress, even if it is low intensity can cause permanent changes. Your heart, muscles, nervous system, immunity, all get affected. Several physical symptoms are linked to stress and anxiety including gastrointestinal issues like hyperacidity, bloating, constipation, etc. Increase in muscle tension causes Fatigue, lethargy, heaviness in head, dizziness, muscle aches and pains etc. Frequent changes in blood pressure and changes in blood platelets physiology cause cardiac issues. Other neurochemical changes cause lack of enthusiasm, irritability and sleep disturbance. Lifestyle malfunction result and social and interpersonal health suffer. Psychotropic medicines correct those chemical responses so that impact of stress is lower. Additional psychotherapy helps develop better coping. For further information, you may go through the following link-
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