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54 years
2 years ago
Sir, I am PATIENT female age 54 years suffering since last 03 months from.shoulder joint pain, elbow joint pain,neck stiffness, pain in upper back IE neck round area. Pain is being observed more during the three time slot IE @ 0400 AM, 1000 AM & 1100 PM. Other than these timings it remains normal. May kindly see the report & suggest what are the difficulties and how to go ahead with pain management. May kindly tell why it is being happening.
May kindly also check the probability of fever and pain connection. Whether any fever and pain connection could be established from these report. Whether any other tests are to be performed to see what is the exajt reason of the pain. The report which have been submitted to you includes pro arthritis test package and comprehensive health check up package. Please also see the cholesterol level of mine and whether any connection could be established with that also.
What are the overall your recommendations for my health improvement and pain management. From analysis of these reports how my health could be explained?? Whether there any abnormalities have been observed and that has be taken care. May kindly provide your views.
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Dr. Nabajit Talukdar
Heart Specialist
2 years ago
want to see u in person can see me at medanta opd call 9XXXXXX
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