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32 years
2 years ago
Request feedback on my blood test results. Rgds,
1 Answer
Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal
2 years ago
Hello mam. Thank you for consulting with us. I have gone through your reports and the salient findings among them are: your hemoglobin is low. You should have a diet rich in iron like lots of green leafy vegetables, paalak, jaggery etc. Your blood cholesterol is marginally high. You should make healthy lifestyle changes like exercise regularly, avoid fatty and processed foods. Your vitamin D level is also low, for this you should ahve a diet rich in dairy products like milk, eggs, cheese etc. and expose yourself to at least 10 minutes of sunlight everyday. Your platelet count is also low, I suggest you should get a repeat platelet count along with a peripheral smear examination done.
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