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45 years
2 years ago
Please let me know whether my reveal any problem related to diabetes or liver n renal problems If so advise medicatiom
pls advise my entire family is diabetic and also I m getting abscess now a days around genital and thigh area once in 3 months
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Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal
2 years ago
Hello, greetings from . Your reports show that your vitamin D level is low, for this you can do the following thing. You can take sachet of vit D (,1 sachet per week with water or milk for 3 months. sit in the sun daily with back exposed toward the sun for 1-2 hours daily for vit d synthesis. take foods rich in vit D like milk, cheese,spinach. Your estimated plasma Glucose is on the higher side, for this I suggest you should get blood sugar fasting and post prandial done and then consult a Diabetologist.
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