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29 years
2 years ago
Pennis shot 2 inches we want big dick
1 Answer
Dr. Shyam Gupta
2 years ago
Hello PATIENT to 1mg. There are several pills cream and pump are marketed you can choose anyone but none of them are proved to be 100%. Personally I suggest you that you try those things but don't depend on or also don't get disappointed. Size of penis has no role in organ of female. Orgasm of female depends on your foreplay and smart act and attachments. So be confident and stop worry about small penis size. If your penis is more that 5 inch erect then it is sufficient. Stop smoking, reduce belly fat, shave pubic hair, take antioxidant, exercise pelvic floor,take multivitamins containing ginseng and arginine.Here I mentioned some of herbal pills choice is yours: opti-men multivitamin etc
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