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14 years
2 years ago
My son has throught infection with fever 100.6 degree from friday 22 july . he was took inpodox 200 mg total 6 tablets. But still he has pain in throught nd cant eat easily So please help me Write me medicine
From yesterday there is no fever only throught pain
1 Answer
Dr. Gopal Samdani
Child Specialist
2 years ago
For pain releif you can try gargles and Paracetamol
There are many underlying causes of your symptoms. Different cause needs different treatment. Specific treatment cannot be given unless we establish exact underlying cause. Diagnosis can not be done without clinical examination. Please consult Paediatrician. will take detail history and will examine your child in detail. At time may ask you relevant investigations if necessary. All information will be used to determine exact underlying cause of problem. Depending upon cause will prescribe you treatment. It is mandatory for the customer to have a prescription for the medicines he/she is procuring. Valid prescription cannot be given without diagnosis
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