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34 years
2 years ago
My hsg report shows bilateral distal blockage so I decided for ivf but it was not successful my doctor has advised for hysteroscopy before second ivf cycle. I also want to have operative laproscopy and go for IUI ,but my doctor is saying that the tube didn' t function normaly even after fimbrioplasty plz suggest .
So whether I should go only for hysteroscopy will it be enough to know the reason of failed ivf or I should also go for daignostic laproscopy.I am very confused as doctor which I was having treatment said that even after lap tube not function properly and I went for second opinion to another gynae and she said that there is nothing like that u should first have leproscopy then iui and after that ivf.
You didn't answered my query so I send it again hope it will be answered this time
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Dr. Megha Tuli
2 years ago
Yes dear your 2nd doctor was absolutely right. You first need to have a diagnostic laprscopy, then opt for IUI and if it fails, only then go for IVF. However it is possible that we may be wrong as this a general protocol and maybe your doctor has already gone through tests and decided hysteroscopy for you based on your individual reports
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