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2 years ago
My father is having stomach problem from past 7 months.At that time we also came to know that he is also having that time his HBA1c is 13 now it is near about 6 and diabetes is under control.He feels their nerves are streched when stands up or walk from 7 months,means he feels discomfort while walking.but when he lie down he feels comfortable.we are taking medicines from last 7 months but no medicine is heeling his we are taking the medicine prescribed by sood .attached are prescription and ct scan reports.we are unable to understand the problem why any medicine is not working on him.plz let us know the problem he is having.thanks in advance.
1 Answer
Dr. Pawan Rawal
2 years ago
Good physical activity if no contraindications Achieve good diabetes control Avoid stress Less Tea, coffee and milk More curd and butter milk Should meet a gastroenterologist and physician
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