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83 years
2 years ago
My father is a known case of IHD with ECG showing 1?AV Block. He is totally bedridden. He is on Clopivas AP 75 0-1-0 Imdur 30 1-0-0 Sorbitrate 5 sos He also has had TIA some 5-6 years ago. He is in depression since last 3 yrs due to sudden death of my mother. For which he is taking Alzil 10 1-0-0 Restyl 0.25 0-0-1 Lopez 1mg 0-0-1 Q mind 25 0-0-1 Since last 4-5 days he gets chest pain which does not subside even with Sorbitrate. I have tried giving antacids too but hardly any relief. Pain remains for around 4-5 and then slowly subsides. Please advise. Thanks for helping.
1 Answer
Dr. Nabajit Talukdar
Heart Specialist
2 years ago
Add ranozex500 mg twice daily
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