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2 years ago
My daughter PATIENT is now 15 months old. She fell and hit herself on her forehead and had a half inch open scar. I have consulted doctor. He just cleaned the area and gave silver kind. I have 3 questions 1) she vomit after a while after a hit on her forehead, is that okay? 2) i felt open hit skin should be stitched or sticked . I did ask my doctor & he simply said no. 3) two days we were at a weeding she fell down while playing with other kids and she fell backwards the floor hit her back head. And she immediately vomited and yes she had her meal little before she felt approx 15-25 mins. Is their any link with vomiting. Old people say vomiting is not a good sign plz help 3)
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Dr. Rahul Yadav
Child Specialist
2 years ago
Hello, falls are quite common among children. But if associated with vomiting/ loss of consciousness/ altered sensorium, please get child evaluated immediately with a nearest pediatrician to rule out brain injury. A CT scan may be adviced if required.
Wounds if small heal if left open if proper care is taken and edges approximated.
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