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8 years
2 years ago
My baby is of 8 months. He is having gastic problem and with that he is having lose motions too. Can u pls help me out to solve his problem.
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Dr. Amit Modi
Child Specialist
2 years ago
Good evening, As described by you, your 8 month old baby bloating kind of symptoms. Let me first list what should be done: At 8 month of age you should have started complementary feeding the baby along with breast feeding. You should be burping the baby after each feed. Complementary feed should include cereals, pulse, vegetables and fruits all in a form that is soft and palatable for the baby. If proper hygeine is maintained baby will never have loose stools. Some amount of semi formed stool 2 to 3 times a day is normal. If proper burfing is done bloating and gaseous distension can be avoided. If baby is passing gas as fart it is nothing to be worried of as it is normal. Avoid giving too many medication.
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