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21 years
2 years ago
mai kuch kuch bate bhul jata hu mind me hi nahi rehta 2min ke andar bhul jata hu
1 Answer
Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Memory disturbances in younger age especially inability to recall recent events like where you kept something are more often caused by stress and preoccupation rather than a neurological problem. Nervousness and anxiety makes one not concentrate adequately leading to forgetfulness. Students often complain of not being able able to remember what they read. This is often the result of too much stress/ tension. Identify your stressors and learn to relax. Take time off. When not able to recall something, don't get all frantic about it, leave the effort for a while and relax. It will cure the memory issues. If you are unable to do that, seek professional help.
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