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23 years
2 years ago
Iam suffering for premature ejuclation before intercourse
Hello sir this is PATIENT I'm 23 years old an I'm suffer for big sexual problem ( premature ejeculation ) sexual weakness I'm jectulate before intercourse so please suggest me best medicine
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Dr. Shyam Gupta
2 years ago
Hello PATIENT Ejaculation is very common in age and first of all dont take so much tension which is further deteriorate your health. Life style modification with behavioural changes may help you more. There are some technique and take help from your partner. In the ?stop-start? programme, the partner stimulates the penis until the patient feels the urge to ejaculate. At this point, he instructs his partner to stop, waits for the sensation to pass and then stimulation is resumed. Another the ?squeeze? technique is similar but the partner applies manual pressure to the glans just before ejaculation until the patient loses his urge. Apply some cream like Climax spray / EMLA cream which will further help. Along with this do exercise, stop smoking tobacco alcohol n gutkha, eat fruits and take antioxidant multivitamins and vitamin C. Try this for couple of weeks and if not improved i will advice you some medicines.
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